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"Among our Brands, our activities, in all our actions, whether in France or abroad, we have common values."  

Bris Rocher



because the particularity of our Group is to be a family group, committed over the long term. This allows us to look to the future with confidence without facing pressure from the markets. In today’s world, I consider this a major competitive advantage."




because from the creation of our Group, since its origins, we care for Sustainable Development, even before the term became fashionable. The economic, social and environmental issues are subjects that we have held dear since the beginning"





because we have a value creation duty if we want to ensure the longevity of our Group; demanding when everything is going well, benevolent in tough times. And in my point of view, they go hand in hand."




because without passion we wouldn’t be here today. Without passion, we wouldn’t be able to build a group with such identity and we wouldn’t be able to feed the flame that animates us".

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