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Working environment

The Groupe Rocher is particularly attentive to the working conditions of its employees.

The Group strive to create the best conditions for everybody so each and every employee can find the best work pace to fit its personal constraints. We are convinced that an employee who blossoms in its personal life will be more likely to succeed professionally: more available, more accessible, more balanced, simply happier and more effective.

  • The new head office « Cap Rocher »
    • In January, 2015, the employees of the different brands of the Group, based in Issy les Moulineaux, integrated a new building "Cap Rocher".

      This head office is first and foremost a space that boosts trans-departmental collaboration and promotes expertise and skills, a place that increases innovation, facilitates exchange, pooling and a better working lifestyle. In order to improve day-to-day working conditions and strike a good work/life balance, a corporate concierge services were set up inside the buildings and in two other dedicated spaces for beauty treatments (salon) and invigorating breaks (gym).

  • « Green Days »
    • For the week of the sustainable development 2015, the employees of the Groupe Rocher were called about their impact on the climate through “Green Days” organized on french sites and international subsidiaries: cleaning of river in Spain, recycling in Venezuela, organic picnic in Brittany, …

  • Lisa : the corporate social network of the Groupe Rocher
    • As part of the Group's Human Resources and Communications policy and in a bid to improve both individual and collective performances in the Groupe Rocher in terms of quality, time saving and innovation, the Groupe Rocher set up a corporate social network. A friendly, multi-departmental, international and virtual space, the LISA social network allows the Group to develop communities via which to share ideas, skills and experience with a view to becoming an ever more innovative, collaborative and agile organisation.

  • Handicap week
    • In November 2015, during Disability Employment Week, events and activities were held and were a huge hit with employees of different sites: awareness-building workshops, conference, films to explore employees directly affected by and working for disability in the workplace,…

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