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To develop your talents makes us go further, that’s why you will be offered a wide range of trainings all along your career.

Training is an integral part of the Group’s human resources policy. It is intended, in all countries, to maintain the skills necessary for assuming positions and responsibilities, to ensure safety at work and professional development of the employees.


Integration sessions are held every year for all new management employees recruited on permanent contracts by the Groupe Rocher, both in France and abroad.

The sessions aim to provide them with a clear, overarching view of the Groupe Rocher and its subsidiaries, the strategies rolled out in the different entities, their primary challenges and focal points and their key projects. They are also an opportunity to share the values and identities of the Groupe Rocher's different companies and to ensure a better understanding of the ways in which the different sites, brands and departments interact. The sessions last five days each, over the course of which participants can meet with the Groupe Rocher's key Heads and Managers directly.


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