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It is a complete role, I am never bored! 

Yann, Regional sales manager, Yves Rocher

What is your educational & professional background?

I first took a two-year-commercial degree before joining the ESCEM. After several internships, I joined Yves Rocher Belgium in 2001 as a Mail Order Statistics Manager; I held this position for one and a half year.

In July 2002, the Group offered me to move to Rennes for the same position, along with the responsibility of England and Spain. This adventure lasted 5 years. The position for Sector Manager was then offered to me, new opportunity, new challenge which I agreed on right away.

What is your daily role?

I work on the field 4 days a week, and 1 administrative day to manage reports, mails… My role is very wide ; I am truly a link between the field teams and the Headquarters.I have several hats:

  • An auditor to create action plans with the Store Managers.
  • A controller for the commercial scenario for the store (window, employees) as I am responsible for the brand image.
  • A coach as I do not just give solutions, I give my partners the desire to find and implement them. I help giving feasibility dynamism. As a coordinator and communicator, I give the impulse to the stores and encourage them to create events linked with local activity. I unite the teams so as to keep a win-win link.
  • A daily trainer during my visits in the stores, and also through “Botanical Beauty Care Workshops”. During these workshops, the Representatives meet, exchange and share their successes.
  • A guide everyday and also during the first days of opening of the new concept “Botanical Beauty Care Shop” to help and accompany the employees.

What are the required skills to hold this position?

Adaptability is the main quality. You also have to be business-orientated, like contacts, have a joyful personality, meticulousness and high-standards.

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