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A unique history since 1931

Stanhome is a precursor, having been founded in the United States in 1931, in the middle of the Great Depression, upon a strong belief and to reach an important goal: “improve people’s lives”. The creator of a unique business model, Stanhome offers high-end products combined with personalized advising for optimal care of the home and family. In 1997, Stanhome was acquired by the Rocher Group and now has a presence in five countries: Italy, France, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela. Its products are distributed through a network of 206,000 dealers.


Expert brands

Stanhome offers a wide range of products:

  • For the home 

Highly effective products to clean and care for your home. What makes them stand out? They’re highly effective and very concentrated products that comply with high safety standards.

  • For your family

A selection of skincare products for the whole family. What makes them stand out? A range devoted to sensitive skin, with many facial-care and body-care products, most of which are suitable for children three years old and up.


And strong commitments

Stanhome has always been committed to environmental protection, job creation and consumer well-being.

Stanhome is...

  • A network offering real employment and development opportunities thanks to continuing education and home-based work
  • A dual validation process for all products: scientific tests and consumer tests
  • Clear and easily accessible information about all our products
  • A strict formulation and packaging charter for reduced environmental impact
  • ISO 14001 certification (good environmental management) for all its production sites in Europe
  • And a strong social cause: many programmes serving children in five countries (education, health, school attendance, etc.)


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