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Ethnobotany, agronomy, phytochemistry, microbiology, skin biology, safety, microscopy, physical chemistry, formulation, rheology, assessment…: within the R&D department, you work at the crossroad of life sciences. The multidisciplinary expertise of the Rocher Group laboratories will allow you to evolve among several scientific areas.

  • Formulator
    • You are in charge of the formulation of new cosmetic products or detergents. As a project manager, you develop products and take part in their industrialization by cooperating with raw materials suppliers and other expert departments of the Group. You organize all the formula qualification tests with expert departments.

  • Research Manager
    • You develop your expertise in a specific area: biotechnology, physical analysis, chemical analysis, microbiology, phytochemistry… and promote interactions with all those involved in the product development. Your work is enriched by external partnerships with academic research centers.

  • Safety Assessor
    • You validate new raw materials or formulas, while updating and monitoring the toxicology database. At the heart of product development, you work with the research teams and marketing department and take part into the validation of end products.

  • Cosmetovigilance Manager
    • Within the Safety Team, cooperating with external medical experts, you deal with the potential allergies to the Group’s cosmetic products in France and Europe. In a cross-functional approach, you actively participate in the drafting of answers to our customers’ questions.

  • Formulation Technician
    • Within the R&D Direction, you take part into the development of cosmetic products: test preparation & implementation, formula monitoring & control according to the regulations. You implement tests and submit them to the Marketing project managers. You manage and monitor the project from formulation, approval and test management to industrialization stages.

  • ... and so many others yet to discover!
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