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A Story from the Heart

The Petit Bateau Story begins in Troyes, France, in 1893. In 1918, Etienne Valton, the founder’s son, revolutionized the underwear world. With two snips of his scissors, he invented the underpant! The success was instantaneous. Through the years, manufacturing techniques improved and the brand became synonymous with quality, strength and comfort.

Acquired in 1988 by the Rocher Group, the Brand continues to win hearts around the world.

Industrial Expertise

Based in Troyes since its founding, the Petit Bateau factory perpetuates its unique expertise in creating clothes. In the same factory since 1893, our knitters, dyers, and sewers continue to apply their skills and sustain our products’ values.

One day, it was time to expand... without betraying our core convictions: clothes created in the pure Petit Bateau tradition. More than 80% of our products are produced in France or in our industrial facilities in Morocco, where each stage of production undergoes strict quality control checks.

This ensemble of values and actions is at the heart of Petit Bateau's knitting know-how.

“For Ever”

Today, Petit Bateau is the favorite brand of 100%-cotton-comfort lovers from 0 to 924 months. All around the world, the emblematic maker of t-shirts and underwear has become the reference for multigenerational style, for babies, children, men and women.



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