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Essential Oils by Kiotis

Effective and pleasing to the senses

Created by Jacques Romain Rocher in 2001, Kiotis chose to use essential oils, precious natural concentrates with exceptional properties, as the active ingredients in its beauty products. Thanks to its scientific expertise and know-how in cosmetology, Kiotis is able to reveal the power of essential oils for a unique beauty experience that is not only effective but also a delight for the senses. By distributing its products through direct sales to combine advising and demonstration, Kiotis offers comprehensive and effective beauty rituals developed by our aromatherapy experts.


Essential oils

Essential oils have been known for their many virtues throughout the ages. The purest concentrate of an aromatic plant, essential oil is a precious resource whose extraction and application must be handled by specialists. This is why our research & development laboratory makes careful choices to offer you the best essential oils and guarantee that they are effective and pleasing to the senses.


Kiotis’s responsible approach

  • 100% pure and natural essential oils (with no other oils or synthetic products added) that are also GMO-free
  • A thorough testing process, from formulation to the finished product
  • Respectful of nature and the environment  with a commitment not to use essential oils from endangered plants
  • Respectful of animals: no animal testing used
  • Production plants with environmental certification: since late 2008, all the production and packaging sites in Europe have been ISO 14001 certified


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