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Colorful Beauty Brand for women of the world

Established in Milan, Italy, capital of fashion, Flormar was acquired by Şenbay family in 1970 and started production in Turkey. With its annual production capacity of 120 million products and its rich portfolio ranging from blusher and foundation to eye shadows and mascara; from lipstick and nail polish to accessories and skincare products, Flormar has become the essential brand of women. 


Flormar intensified its operations abroad since 2008. Today it is the world’s most widespread local chain with almost 700 shops in more than 90 countries, ranging from Cambodia to New York, from Tanzania to Paris and from Panama to Saudi Arabia. Flormar is also among Turkey’s first 500 exporters. It reaches women worldwide through over 40,000 common sales points and contributes to the Turkish economy.    


Continuing its operations with its experience of many years and its specialized staff, Flormar made an agreement with Groupe Rocher, one of the leading global brands, in 2012 and transferred 51 % of its shares. Growing over 20 % annually, Flormar aims to keep its stable structure and targets to exceed 1,100,000,000 TL in revenues from retail sales by 2020. 



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