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27 years of innovations in Beauty

The adventure begins in 1986 when Pierre Ricaud, Doctor of Medicine, decides with his godson, Mr. Yves Rocher, to create the first French “Doctor’s Brand”.

Visionary, audacious and a man of science, Pierre Ricaud anticipates the role of scientific progress and the importance of cosmetics in the fight against skin aging.

From this inspiration, skin care will appear, ever more innovative in anti-ageing care, combining effectiveness to safety.

The Key Idea: active skin remains beautiful

Thanks to the dynamism of its teams of scientists, the Brand manages better and better to observe skin and stimulate it in every biological mechanism.

To put the skin back in a positive biological dynamic is essential: the Laboratory analyses and selects the best ingredients to revive natural mechanisms of youth.

A Rewarded Expertise

Thanks to a constant innovation, the brand is yearly rewarded with numerous prizes such as the 2012 and 2014 Prize Santé Magazine, the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Grand Prix Avantages de la Beauté, the 2009 Grand Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté Marie Claire, the 2008 Trophée Soin Visage Vénus Version Fémina …

Dr. Pierre Ricaud’s Commitments

As the ecological promise is a daily measure, the brand is leading simultaneously three main actions to preserve the planet:

  •  Environmental respect (choice of raw materials; use of paper originating from sustainable administered forests);
  •  Ecological impact reduction (decreasing use of paper and cardboard);
  • Social responsibility (by including employees and suppliers in this approach).

At the same time, Dr. Pierre Ricaud accompanies and supports the association Force Femmes, created in 2005 to help women over 45 in their attempt to come back to a professional activity or to start a business.

Since its creation, 17% of the women who turned to the association have already found a job back and 30% of them have created their business.


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