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Yves Rocher, Petit Bateau, Stanhome, Dr Pierre Ricaud, Daniel Jouvance, Kiotis, ID Parfums, Flormar, Sabon, Arbonne: each one of us has a common history with one of the 10 brands of the Rocher Group. Today, their success has made the Group a central figure in the world of beauty and wellbeing.

10 brands established in customers’ daily life. They succeed thanks to their proximity, effectiveness, a permanent innovative policy in touch with the current trends and environmental respect.

10 brands you can’t miss with unique specificities and strong positioning, sharing and promoting one common ambition: serving the beauty and well-being of women, every day.

10 brands which are a source of pride for our employees.

10 brands we invite you to (re-)discover!

Each of our customers is a queen and must be seen as such.

Yves Rocher

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