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The ocean - a source of beauty

Microalgae at the heart of our expertise

Invisible to the naked eye, microalgae populate the oceans and produce 80% of our oxygen. At the origin of all living organisms, they are astonishingly similar to the skin and contain a wealth of powerful active ingredients. By combining them with Physiomarine water, rich in active minerals, our researchers create natural, effective and sensorial cosmetics: Marine Cosmetics.


The island where it all begins

Located off France’s Brittany coast, the island of Houat is a preserved environment, an ecological paradise. It is home to the Eclosarium, the Daniel Jouvance Marine Biology Research Centre. It is there, in this rare and unusual setting, that our scientists study microalgae. Respectful of natural reserves, we grow them from our own strains. From the nursery where we incubate them to the photoreactors where they are concentrated, we produce them exclusively for our products.


Our commitments

At Daniel Jouvance, marine cosmetics and respect for the environment go hand in hand:

  • Maximum of natural ingredients in the products. No use of paraben or animal products.
  • Products are made in France.
  • Packaging made from paper from sustainably managed forests.
  • Face care in jars designed with eco-refills to respect the environment.
  • Microalgae researched and cultivated responsibly in our Research Centre on Houat Island in Brittany.
  • Sponsored by the Institut de France-Daniel Jouvance Foundation, which works to preserve marine biodiversity and share knowledge about the marine world.


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