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“As our world undergoes profound change, agility and the ability to invent the future are crucial for our Group.”

Bris Rocher

Here at the Rocher Group, we have always been convinced that responsible development is an opportunity for creating value, synonymous with the long term, cost efficiency, adaptability to markets, attractiveness and anticipation. Responsible development can provide the solution when we need to think differently and capitalize on the wealth of our activities.

The Group has opted for a proactive approach, with a road map pointing the way to five shared objectives for 2020, broken down per brand and per business line into commitments and a relevant action plan. Our goal is to ensure that this responsibility is shared out and accepted so that everyone can contribute, at their own level. In fact, this reflects the core of our We R Change challenge: inspiring everyone, at every level, to participate in our Group’s CSR policy.

To roll out the Group’s CSR policy, we have a team dedicated to shaping the approach. The Responsible Development department is the hub of interaction with all stakeholders and works closely with Executive Management. It drives change, encourages sharing, promotes initiatives in-house and creates emulation among a far-reaching network of CSR leaders, correspondents and contributors. Altogether, more than 200 people are involved at all our sites, encompassing all the Group’s brands.



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